Text Editing Resources

CNET Download.com: Download website for software, including text editors.

CSE HTML Validator: Online HTML validator for finding syntax errors in web documents.

W3Schools Tutorials: HTML, XML, CSS, Scripting tutorials.

Programming Tutorials: Programming language tutorials.

Text Editor Comparison (Wikipedia): Wikipedia article with comparison of several different text editors.

ZDnet Article on Large Files: ZDnet reviews a text editor specifically for large file text editing.

Syntax Highlighting (Wikipedia): Wikipedia article about syntax highlighting.

Zen Coding: Zen Coding Project Page.

Zen Coding Review: DownloadSquad.com review of Zen Coding.

WYSIWYG Review: Critical review of using a WYSIWYG editor.

Regular Expressions (Wikipedia): Wikipedia article about regular expressions.

Regular Expression Library: Library of regular expressions.

Wikipedia: List of Encodings: Wikipedia list of common encodings and code pages.

Joel on Software: Unicode: Helpful article by Joel Spolsky

Unicode Consortium: The Unicode Consortium website.

HTML Encoding Tips from W3: Tips and guide to using encoding in HTML from the World Wide Web Consortium.

Google List of Programming Languages: Google's Programming Language Directory with links to resources for each language.

EmEditor Professional Text Editor: Text-Editor.org's choice of text editor.